Housekeeping for Hotels

Hotels make their reputation on the quality of service their offer.  Cleanliness is the first one that comes to mind as the most unquestionable.  And clients judge by it every day , easily spreading the word if they are disappointed during their holiday or professional stay.

We are experienced specialists for five starts quality Hotel Housekeeping , the Department responsible for cleanliness and all ancillary services attached to it.

The chosen or set standard plays an important role in the hotel’s standing.  One feels comfortable in relation to an environment which is clean and well ordered.  As we all know, cleanliness is essential for health but also for well being.

Accommodation department in hotels is the one generating the most revenue , and the Housekeeping Department in charge of the quality of cleanliness is therefore important to maintaining this income.

A good quality Housekeeping management should also contribute to saving on labor costs , cleaning material , equipment , furnishings and the like in every type of establishment.

With these specific targets in mind, our company THE PERFECT HELP has introduced a new course for Housekeeping staff to meet their standard.

In addition to providing the best training on proper and efficient cleaning , our professional trainer will train and bring your staff to the higher quality level.


There is a number of different areas of focus for this Housekeeping training.

Applicants are required to pass a minimum of 2 hours.

To make a booking and inquire for pricing, please call +971 4 343 6900 or +971 56 887 4775 email: